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We are pleased to resume our drop-in options starting today, July 26, 2021 for our Summer 2021 programming.  Due to current session registrations, only our C & D sessions will have drop-in availability.

Please contact Coach Trevor regarding space and cost if your skater would like to take advantage and get on the ice for our remaining 4 weeks of our summer skating season.


FALL 2021 & WINTER 2022

Our Fall21 & Winter22 schedule is now posted under the 'Schedules' tab on our website. (Subject to change based on Covid-19 protocols and confirmation of ice from the City of Penticton.)

Registration will open on August 3, 2021.  Glengarry will be limiting the number of skaters who will be permitted to register in each program, so book early to avoid disappointment.  

To see the costs for any of our recreational skating programs (PreCanSkate, CanSkate, CanPowerSkate, AdultPowerSkate, or AdultSkate), please see the Rec Guide Advert under the 'Schedules' tab.


We're pleased to report that Skate Canada BC/YK (in conjunction with viaSport) and the City of Penticton have eased current C19 restrictions, and the Glengarry SC has followed suit.

Below are the main points of the new GSC C19 protocols that will be put in place as of July 19, 2021:

- There will now no longer be a daily C19 screening.  This means that skaters are free to enter the arena when they arrive.

- The GSC will no longer conduct contact tracing.  That being said, please use common sense.  If your skater is not feeling well, do not send them to the arena.  

- Spectators are now permitted back inside the arena.

- All skaters, coaches, volunteers, and spectators must continue to mask when inside the arena, other than on the ice surface itself.  Skaters & coaches may continue to mask if they would like on the ice surface.

- Entrance & exit doors to the arena will remain as they currently are.  West door for entrance, north & south doors for exit.

- Food & drink are still to be consumed outside, other than water.

- Dressing rooms are currently limited to 8 skaters per room.

The full documents can be found on the main page of the GSC website.  

As a reminder, not all people are at the same comfort level regarding the reopening process.  Please respect the wishes of the people around you if they ask.  

Please get in touch if you have any questions.



Registration is now open for the following competition:

BC/YK Super Series SummerSkate

August 12-15, 2021

Scotia Barn (8 Rinks); Burnaby, BC

Registration closes on:

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Events available for registration:


Singles;  PreJuvenile, Juvenile, PreNovice, Novice, Junior, Senior

Dance;  PreJuvenile, Juvenile, PreNovice, Novice, Junior, Senior

Pairs;  Juvenile, PreNovice, Novice, Junior, Senior


No events


No events

Music for all skaters Star 2+ is to be submitted as an .mp3 file during the registration process.

Planned Program information for freeskate and artistic events Star5 & higher is due Wednesday, August 4, 2021. 

This competition is part of the GSC Competition Program.  After you have registered, please remember to go onto the GSC website and register for the GSC Competition Program.  The cost for this is $75/event, and covers all coaching fees and expenses for the competition.

This competition will follow Covid-19 protocols put in place by Skate Canada BC/YK.  We do not yet know what those protocols will be, but all skaters, parents, and coaches will be expected to follow them.

If you are unsure which event(s) to register your skater for, please speak with Mr B.



We regret to inform you that the ice at McLaren Park Arena isn't ready for our scheduled start on Monday, July 5, 2021.  Due to a new ice plant going into the building, combined with the extremely hot weather last week, the facility won't have the ice ready until Wednesday, July 7, 2021.  Glengarry will start our Summer 2021 season on July 7.

Any skaters who have booked ice for Week 1 will have it refunded to their account.  

This is outside of our control, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.



Good morning.

We would like to welcome you and your skater to the Glengarry SC Summer 2021 skating season.  Things are going to look very similar to how they did last summer, but may change as the season progresses.  Please be patient.  If you see or hear of something that concerns you, please bring it to us and we'll be happy to take a look.

We are basing our Summer 2021 season around three documents that are posted on the main page of the GSC website:

- GSC Return-to-Play Guidelines

- Skate Canada BC/YK Return-to-Play for Figure Skating Guidelines

- City of Penticton McLaren Park Arena User Group Guidelines

Some items of note included in these documents, and needed information for you:

- Masks (face coverings) are to be worn for all skaters, coaches, volunteers, and parents while in McLaren Park Arena, other that while on the ice surface itself.  We are asking all participants to provide their own face mask, and either dispose of it or wash it on a daily basis.  Glengarry will supply masks for those who have forgotten for the day.  We understand that this is above and beyond what is required by the province, but at this time it is still required by Skate Canada BC/YK.  

- The only entrance door is to be the Lobby door, on the west side of building.

- Every skater and parent/guardian MUST sign a C19 waiver before your skater will be allowed to participate.  (If Glengarry already has your waiver from a previous season, you do not need to do another one.  If you need one, you can print it from the main page of our website, or we will have them at the lobby door.)

- Exit doors will be at the south end of McLaren Park Arena, near the GSC office.  

- All participants will go through a verbal Covid-19 screening each day before they enter the building for their session.  

- All dryland session will be conducted outside, unless there is heavy rain.  That means your skater will be outside in the sun, light rain, and smoke (hopefully not).  Please have them prepared for this.

- The dressing room doors must remain propped open.  This means if your skater needs to change, they will need to pop behind the curtain in each room, or head to the restrooms.  

- Parents will not be allowed inside the rink.  If your skater needs help to tie their skates, you will need to do so outside, either on the benches, or in your car.  

- The GSC lockers will be available to skaters for Summer 2021.  The C19 screener & dryland Coach will have the key.  They will open the doors for your skaters if they need to get their skates in and out.  If you would like your skater to have a locker, you can rent one for the season on the Products page of our website.  The cost is $35 for the year, and runs from July 2021 - March 2022.  

- Please have your skater bring with them on a daily basis - water bottle, exercise mat, medium size towel (for dryland training purposes), gloves, guards, face mask.

- All food and drink (other than water) will need to be consumed outside of McLaren Park Arena.

- We plan on attending the BC/YK SS SummerSkate competition in Burnaby, BC.  It will be held August 12-15, 2021 for CompetitiveSkate levels only (PreJuvenile - Senior).  A further email will follow up regarding this.

I think that this covers most of the major points, but I may have forgotten some.  We're looking forward to getting back to work, and feeling the ice again.  

If you have questions, please get in touch.


Trevor Buttenham - GSC Head Coach - 250-486-0244


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