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Registration is now open for the following competition:

Okanagan Regional Championships

February 15-17, 2019

Memorial Arena - Penticton, BC

Registration closes on:

Friday, January 4, 2019

This is a local event, and we would love to see all of our StarSkaters (Primary, Intermediate, & Senior) as well as our CompetitiveSkaters attend.

Events available for registration:

CompetitiveSkate;  PreJuvenile, Juvenile, PreNovice, Novice Freeskate

StarSkate;  Star1–Gold

Interpretive;  PreIntro-Gold

Creative Improv; 1-4

Elements; Star2-Open

Music is to be submitted as an .mp3 file via email to and is due Friday, January 4, 2019.

Planned Program information for freeskate events Star5 & higher is due Tuesday, February 4, 2019. 

If you are unsure which event(s) to register your skater for, please speak with Mr B.



GSC Winter Wonderland Exhibition 2018                                                                                                             10:45am Showtime               

Saturday, December 8, 2018                                                                                        12:00noon Family Skate (ends at 12:45pm)

Running Order:

Intermediate/Senior StarSkate & CompetitiveSkate Group (Jordana M, Lauren B, Giselle W, Samantha M, Alex J,

Jocelyn E, Nadia S, Payten F, Rachel J, Saki S)

Deepika G; Star 2

Sophia J; Star 3

Samantha M; Star 8

Kaitlyn P; Star 2

Payten F; Star 4

Kaleb M; Star 2

Giselle W; Star 5

Yuzuki O; Star 2

Sophia P; Star 3

Jocelyn E; Star 7

Molly M; Star 2

Star Academy Group (Alea S, Brooke F, Elerie T, Ella-rae H, Ezri T, Lillian Mc, Ashlyn B, Beatrix I, Claire C, Emma G, Grace H, Ida K, Julie H, Marcelona L, Olivia R, Tessa M)

Saki S; Star 9

Lily W; Star 2

Alex J; Star 5

Addison N; Star 2

Moriah B; Star 2

Nadia S; Star 10

Isabelle N; Star 2

Rachel J; Star 5

Micah R; Star 2

Lauren B; Juvenile

Jordana Mc; Star 9

Primary StarSkate Group (Yuzuki O, Annabelle B, Deepika G, Kaleb M, Maddie G, Madison M, Railee C, Sophia CP, Sophia JF, Vivian K, Addison N, Ava V, Isabelle N, Jocelyn N, Kaitlyn P, Lillian W, Micah R, Molly M, Moriah B, Sofia P, Sophia J, Kara S)

What to Wear:

Group numbers: please bring whatever you have in your closet that works for Christmas!  Ugly Christmas sweaters, cute Christmas sweater, anything red, green, or white, Santa hats, elf hats, reindeer antlers …. ANYTHING WORKS!  (Please don’t go out and buy anything, that’s not really the point of the day.)

Soloists: please bring your competition costumes to wear for your solo, and then something to throw on over top for your group number.

GSC Club Picture:

We will be taking at club picture when CanSkate gets off the ice at 10:15am.  Please be dressed in your club jacket if you have one, or a black jacket/sweatshirt if you have one.  If you would like your skater in the picture (and we hope you do!) please have them ready on time.  We will still need to run a flood before we start at 10:45am.

Family Skate:

We hope you’ll all stay around to join us for our family skate after the exhibition.  Please remember that all family members (Mom, Dad, G’ma, G’pa, Uncle Ted, little brother Bill, cousin Doreen), regardless of skating ability will have to wear a CSA hockey helmet to go on the ice for the family skate.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Due our insurance, it doesn’t matter if you played in the NHL, you must wear a helmet.


Our STAR 4 Sponsors:        
"We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development."   


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