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Good morning.

The Glengarry SC has picked up extra ice over the Winter Break.  Ice is available on the following dates and times:

Primary StarSkate (Star 1-4); 10:30am-11:30am

Int/Sen StarSkate (Star 4-Gold) & CompetitiveSkate; 11:30am-12:30pm

Mon, Dec 21

Wed, Dec 23

Mon, Dec 28

Wed, Dec 30

Registration for this ice is available through the GSC website and is now open.  There will be a maximum of 15 skaters allowed on this ice.  Cost is $12.50 per session.  We encourage all skaters attending the Okanagan Region Event in Vernon to pick up as much of this ice as possible.  When we return to our Winter21 schedule after the Winter Break, there is less than 3 full weeks of sessions before skaters will be competing.  



As per our schedule, there are no regular GSC sessions on Saturday, December 19, 2020.

  • No CanSkate
  • No Star Academy
  • No Primary StarSkate
  • No Int/Sen StarSkate & CompetitiveSkate

Competition Simulation (times are approximate)

10:00am; Star 1 Free

Dressing Room 3 & 4

Charlotte W

Beatrix I

Julie H

Summer T

Ashlyn B

Sofia P

Emma G


10:30am; Star 5 Free

Dressing Room 1 & 2

Giselle W

Ryanne J

Bailey J

Alex J

Rachel J

Micah R

Noa K

Erin H


11:00am; Star 2 Free

Dressing Room 3 & 4

Sophia CP

Grace H

Claire C

Brooke F

Ava V

Scarlett S

Kara S

Sophia JF


11:30am; Flood

12:00noon; Star 9 Short, Star 7 Short, Gold Artistic, Star 9 Artistic, Star 7 Artistic

Dressing Room 1 & 2

Ryanne J

Lauren B

Bailey J

Meagan K

Payten F

Jocelyn E

Giselle W


12:30pm; Star 3 Free, Star 4 Free

Dressing Room 3 & 4

Molly M

Vivian K

Anna B

Isabelle N

Deepika G

Kaitlyn P

Lily W

Yuzuki O

1:00pm; PreJuv Free, Star 8 Free, Star 10 Free, Gold Free

Dressing Room 1 & 2

Payten F

Lauren B

Meagan K

Jocelyn E

Skaters will be allowed into the arena 15min before your on-ice time.  Please arrive fully dressed, with make-up done, and already warmed up.

Our ice time finishes at 1:30pm.  There will not be any ice available after the competition simulation.


Face masks with the Glengarry logo will be available for purchase for $11 each until Monday, December 7, 2020 (no extensions); This should enable us to have these ready for Christmas.

Black face masks with the Glengarry SC 'Skate' logo on one corner.  These are double layer cotton/spandex masks with adjustable ear loops.

To see images and order use the 'Products' tab of the website or use the link below:


Our STAR 4 Sponsors:        
"We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development."   


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