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CanSkate Covid-19:

Skate Canada BC/YK (in conjunction with viaSport) has directed our local clubs to only accept CanSkaters that are
currently at a Stage 2 level and above, in order to facilitate 2m distancing. That means that we are not permitted to run hands-on coaching. As such, we’re not able to accept skaters who are unable to perform the following skills on their own:

- fall down/get up

- make snow

- skate forward

- move backward

- glide & 2foot hop

- forward sitting car glide

This will be in place for the foreseeable future. If these protocols change, we will put notice here on the website and on our Facebook page.

If your skater has not been with us before, and you believe that they can perform all of the skills listed above, please contact our Head Coach Trevor for a CanSkate tryout.


CANSkate classes are designes for children ages 3-13.  Our 45 minute classes include warm up, lesson time, fast skating, group activity and cool down.  We attempt to keep the skaters moving at least 85% of the time.  Learning to skate includes muscle memory.  For the best and fastest results, we encourage sign up of more than one class per week.  If this is not possible, we encourage any ice exposure that is possible (public skating) in addition to skating lesson time.

We move our skaters through the different levels as they progress.  There is no need toregister for a specific level at the beginning of each season.


Session Schedule Link

CanSkate Registration Link


What to wear?   

HOCKEY HELMET:  It is mandatory that a CSA Approved hockey helmet must be worn at all times on the ice surface.  Ski and bike helmets are not acceptable as they do not give the right protection.  Please see Skate Canada's Helmet policy for further information. (Click here to read the policy)

Skates:  Skates are the most important piece of equipment for skating.  The more supportive the skates, the faster and easier it will be for a skater to learn.  Strong ankle support is very important.  Do not buy skates where you can bend the boot at the ankles.  Flat blades are easier to learn on than hockey skates.  Please ask for assistance from our coaches if you have questions about skates and sharpening.

Clothing:  Heavy clothing (snow suits and winter coats) are not needed.  Skaters will be moving the whole time and working hard.  Tight fitting stetchy clothes that are layered are best.  For those learning, waterproof shell pants overtop of clothing may be beneficial to keep dry from frequent falling.  Gloves or mits are also recommended.

bcgaming"We gratefully acknowledge the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development" 
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