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posted Oct 6, 2021, 10:23 AM

Below is the schedule for the competition simulation being held Saturday, October 9, 2021. As a reminder, we are running our regular CanSkate & Star A sessions on this day, but there are no regular Primary or ISC sessions.

We are allowing a maximum of 2 spectators per skater on this day. Please do not bring more. We will turn them away. All spectators must be masked while in the building, and sign in on the contract tracing page.

The schedule is also posted on the website under the 'Schedules' tab.

Glengarry SC Schedule for Competition Simulation on October 9, 2021

PreCanSkate & CanSkate (same as normal)
9:35am-10:15am – PreCanSkate & CanSkate
Star Academy (same as normal)
9:35am-10:30am – Star Academy Session
10:45am-11:05am – Star Academy Dryland

StarSkate (all levels – only for those skaters who are not participating in the competition simulation)
All StarSkate sessions for today are cancelled as per our Fall21&Winter22 schedule.

FLOOD 10:30am-10:45am

Competition Simulation (times are approximate)
10:45am; Star7 (5min), Star9 (5min)
Lauren B
Bailey J
Meagan K

11:05am; Star2 (3min)
Charlotte W
Ava V
Josie N
Beatrix I
Addison N

11:30am; Star3 (4min), Star4 (4min)
Grace H
Izzy N
Claire C
Deepika G
Kara S
Lily W

12:00noon; Star6 (5min), PreJuvenile (5min), Juvenile (6min)
Micah R
Noa K
Payten F
Bailey J

12:25pm; Star5 (4min)
Kaitlyn P
Molly M
Vivian K
Yuzuki O

When all of the competition simulations are finished, an open freeskate session will be run. Any skaters who would like to may stay and work with Miss Kat & Mr B on any concerns in their programs. Our ice time finishes at 1:45pm.

As a reminder:

If Saturday is your regular CanSkate day, we expect you to be there and then skate the simulation afterward.
All skaters should be at the arena a minimum of 45min before their ice time to warmup.
We expect to see the same skating costume, hair, tights, make-up and warmup jacket/sweater that you will be wearing at upcoming competitions. (This allows us to make any corrections ahead of time.)

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