CANSkate Academy

CANSKate Academy is a special group for skaters who would like to figure skate and have completely passed CANSkate Level 2.  These skaters are to register for at least one CANSkate class to continue to work on the basic skills needed in Level 3.  In addition, these skaters are invited to register for one STAR Academy class as well.  This allows these skaters to experience classes that are more directed towards figure skating while continuing with the important learning in the CANSkate class.  For further questions, please contact our head coach or speak with a coach at one of our classes.

CANSkate Schedules


What to wear?   

HOCKEY HELMET:  It is mandatory that a CSA Approved hockey helmet must be worn at all times on the ice surface.  Ski and bike helmets are not acceptable as they do not give the right protection.  Please see Skate Canada's Helmet policy for further information. (Click here to read the policy)

Skates:  Skates are the most important piece of equipment for skating.  The more supportive the skates, the faster and easier it will be for a skater to learn.  Strong ankle support is very important.  Please ask for assistance from our coaches if you have questions about skates and sharpening.

Clothing:  Heavy clothing (snow suits and winter coats) are not needed.  Skaters will be moving the whole time and working hard.  Tight fitting stetchy clothes that are layered are best.  For those learning, waterproof shell pants overtop of clothing may be beneficial to keep dry from frequent falling.  Gloves or mits are also recommended.

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